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October Travel and Fun Report

Our sympathies to Bill and the family and friends of Dorthy Priddy.

Jim and Peggy Brooks, Carl and Elaine Buettgenbach and Dave and Judy Gertsch hosted the August outing at the American Sunset RV Park in Westport.  While the rest of us sweltered in record warmth, the bocce ball tourney at the outing was actually rained out on Friday the 15th, an indoor holi-board contest substituted.  The first place winners were Judy and Bea Sande, and second was the previously undefeated Jim and Bill Cates.

Saturday was another day of games with the weather allowing the bocce tourney.  The champions were Lorene Brannan and Dick Davis.  Merle Lewis was the big winner in the evening's card bingo rounds.

The Park donated gifts for each rig and has tentatively been booked for a return visit in 2005.

September was the club's annual visit to Hoodsport's Rest-a-While hosted by Bea and Al Sande, Vern and Loretta Rott, Al Packard and Joyce Cordova. (RESERVED FOR ADDED INFO ON THE EVENTS AT HOODSPORT.)

October 16 to 19, we go to Midway RV Park in Centralia for the Officer's outing.  Planned events include a chili cook-off for Friday's dinner. Contestants are asked to pre-register and to make a standard crock-pot of chili.  The hosts will provide cornbread and ice cream for desert.  The other campers may bring a light potluck dish or salad if they wish.

Saturday's dinner will be Chrissy's Gumbo cooked by the hosts.  After dinner, there will be a pajama costume contest.  Come dressed in your favorite sleepwear or any other costume you think represents sleep and sandmen.  Prizes for the best, best guy, best girl, and best couple.

November's Thanksgiving dinner at the Sons of Norway will be hosted by Bill and Cindy Varsafsky.  Payment in advance is requested.

Officers for 2004 have been elected:  President - Sherie Lewis, Vice President - Bill Varsafsky, Secretary - Bea Sande, Treasurer - Bill Spong, Wagonmaster - Chris Blankenship, Member at Large - Gary Lewis, and Past President - Gary Blankenship.

Good luck, gang and thanks to our departing officers for all you have done: Bud and Lorraine Maves and Ed Lively.

At the September meeting, the membership approved changes to Travel N Fun 1181 bylaws:  Article III - Section 5 revised to make a member a single person rather than a couple.  Tent removed from the definition of recreation vehicle.

Article V - Gives the Executive Board responsibility for recommending dues changes to the membership, changes the quorum requirement for dues increase votes, removes the current $5.00 per couple dues amount, removes the assessment for delinquent dues, and changes the dues delinquent date to May 1.

In addition, the membership under the new bylaws, the membership approved a dues increase to $7.50 per person ($15 per couple) effective with year 2004 dues.  The new amount will be payable by 30 January.

Also approved was elimination of the $7 per person reimbursement for dinner outings (February, November and December) and a $200 limit for decorations and door prizes for those meetings.

SUNSHINE: Joyce reported that Cecil Baldwin is doing well and the deaths in the families of Vern Rott and Dolores Nelson.  The new sunshine chair, Cindy, may be reached at (360) 373-6719 or by email at

Ask Ben Peterson how he managed to pull off winning the end of the year drawing two years in a row.

The October meeting is Monday, the 13th at the Lodge.  Gather at 6 pm and the meeting at 7.

If you have comments or suggestions, call (360) 373-6416 or email

Gary Blankenship

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