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September Travel and Fun Report

Top of the news, even before outing doings -  Ed Lively's committee has completed changes to 1181's by-laws.  The first reading was at the August meeting; the second, discussion and vote will be in September.

The changes are:  Article III - Section 5 revised to make a member a single person rather than a couple.  Tent removed from the definition of recreation vehicle.

Article V - Gives the Executive Board responsibility for recommending dues changes to the membership, changes the quorum requirement for dues increase votes, removes the current $5.00 per couple dues amount, removes the assessment for delinquent dues, and changes the dues delinquent date to May 1.

In anticipation of approval, the Executive Board has prepared a recommendation for a dues change.  The first presentation of the change will be at the September meeting.

Note:  The dues do not change until the membership approves the by-laws change and the Board recommendation.

Bill Varsafsky's nominating committee successfully came up with a full slate of officers for 2004:  President, Sherie Lewis; Vice President, Bill Varsafsky; Secretary, Bea Sande; Treasurer, Bill Spong; Wagonmaster, Chris Blankenship; and Member at Large, Gary Lewis.  Your current president is a member of the new board by by-laws.  We will accept nominations from the floor and vote on the slate at the September meeting.

We have two additions to last month's NW Rally report.  The Doggett's were also big bingo winners (and is anyone really surprised).  And our thanks to Larry and Janice Watson's granddaughter, Chadahn, for the help and fun she gave at the Rally.

Several Travel and Fun campers made a weekend out of Family Day at the home lodge.  Campers modeled Bad Hats and Hair for Saturday breakfast, displayed odd and original drinking glasses, celebrated birthdays and learned Frisbee golf.  Sunday, the club set up holiboards for the Family Day picnicers to try their hand at the game.

August 14 to 17, 1181 traveled to the American Sunset RV park at Westport for bocce ball and holiboard tourneys, M and M breakfast, card bingo, and the Arts and Crafts Festival.  Winners will be announced in the next issue. The outing was hosted by Jim and Peggy Brooks, Carl and Elaine Buettgenbaugh and Dave and Judy Gertsch

September 11 to 14, the campers head to Rest-a-While at Hoodsport for an outing hosted by Bea and Al Sande, Vern and Lorretta Rott, Al Packard and Joyce Cordova.  Expect oysters, card bingo and plenty of fun.

October's outing is the officer's the 16 to 18th at the Midway RV Park in Centralia.  Plans are being made.

Add to your 2004 calendar - the Christmas dinner will be the 10th at the Lodge.  Remember we need hosts for next year's, starting with the yet TBD Valentine's Ball.

SUNSHINE chair, Joyce Cordova reported on illness for Cecil Baldwin.  Call your Sunshine news to Joyce at 360-981-0830 or email  September will be Joyce's last month as our Sunshine.  She is going to be traveling for several months.  Cindy Varsafsky has agreed to take over as Sunshine.

The September meeting is Monday, the 8th back in the Lodge.  Gather at 6 for conversation, and the meeting at 7.  Don't forget Monday November 10 is the Thanksgiving dinner at the Sons of Norway and Friday December 12  the Christmas dinner at the Lodge.

Travel and Fun has Hamburgers on the Patio in September.  See Ed Lively for available Saturdays to cook and serve and there are several.

September 21st Dick and Lou Baugous will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary at the Lodge 1 to 3 pm.  Please join them.

If you have comments or suggestions, call 373-6416 or email

Gary Blankenship

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