Date:  August  2010
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August 2010 Travel N Fun column

Our sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of Bill Green for his passing – always a smile, a good word. 

The August 9 and September 13 meetings will be potlucks at the shelter – greet at 5, eat at 6, meet at 7.  We will return to the Lodge on the second Monday in October, the 8th.

Elections will be at the September meeting.  If you are interested in a position, please let any officer know. 

June, the campers traveled to Glen Ayr at Hoodsport with great summer weather – which seems to have disappeared as this written on the 4th’s weekend.  Left/right/center and card bingo the games of the day; the Tides north of Rest-A-While the restaurant of choice.

August 18 to 22, the Club travels to the Outback RV Park at Rochester.  Hosts will the Fallehys and Bellings.  Barb needs the first night’s payment of $29.13 (checks made to Outback RV) posthaste.  It’s due to Outback by the 4th.

September’s outing at Toppenish’s Yakama Nation RV Park will be hosted by the Schmittlers, Lewis’s and Halls the 15th to 19th.  The hosts are planning a dinner at the casino, wine tours and a Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast by the hosts. Saturday’s dinner will be a potluck.

October 20th to 24th, we will return to Rest-A-While at Hoodsport for the annual Officer’s Outing – always fun and a another great opportunity to visit the Tides.

The Darrell Schmittler built patio set will be raffled at the Lodge’s Family Day August 1.  Tickets will be sold at the event.

SUNSHINE:  Please contact Sherie Lewis at 360-692-6505 if you have Sunshine news. 

For payment or membership information, call Kathy Josephson, 360-692-8642.   Prospective members are always welcome as guests at outings or meetings.

New rosters are available.  Call Sherie Lewis for your copy.  Labels are available for changes.

Historian Karen Belling needs outing pictures, rosters etc for the Club records.

Gary Blankenship

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