Date:  Octbober  2011
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October 2011 Travel N Fun

Get ready for one of the outing year highlights, the annual Officer’s Outing at Rest-a-While at Hoodsport  This year, the hosts are planning a milk can dinner Thursday evening,  prime rib dinner Friday evening, and host-prepared breakfast Sunday morning.  Saturday’s meal will be heavy hors d’oeuves.  Saturday afternoon at about 1:00 p.m., there will be shrimp and oysters (if available) from the barbie.

Friday after dinner, we begin our 8th annual Travel-N-Fun push poker tournament.  Join our past winners – Sharon Lillybridge, Karen Belling, Stella Davis, Darlene Green, Jerry Drumm, Bea Sande and Judy Gertsch – to take home the championship prize and traveling trophy.

Remember to sign up on the Oct. signup sheet, if you cannot attend the monthly TnF meeting contact Sherie Lewis at 360-692-6505 to have your name added to the list.  Only if you specifically want to stay across the street on the water side do you need call the park direct at 360-877-5474 (be sure to let Sherie know you are going-need numbers for food purchases.).  There are limited cabins at Rest-a-While but you can hotel at Glen Ayr Resort (360) 877-9522), just a short ride down the road. 

Port Townsend will be our guests at this outing.

Monday, November 14, will be the Thanksgiving dinner at the Lodge.  Hosts will be Ed and Sandy Hall.  We will gather at 5, eat at 6, and hold the general meeting at 7.

Friday, December 9 at 5 pm, will be the Christmas dinner at the lodge.  Hosts will be Brenda Lott, Sherie Lewis and Stephanie Schmittler.

Guests are always welcome at our outings.  Guests or their hosts are expected to pay the $7.00 per guest to the outing hosts. (Checks should be made out to Travel-n-Fun.)  If your guests are just joining us for a potluck evening, no reimbursement is required.

Our next meeting returns to the Lodge on Monday, October 10 at 7 pm.  Come early to meet and greet.

Travel guides for all regions of the country – West, Central, Northeast and South – are available for purchase at the Lodge front desk.

Call Kathy Josephson at 360-692-8642 for dues payment or membership information.   Prospective members are always welcome as guests at outings or meetings.

SUNSHINE:  Sherie Lewis reported sending a card to Karen Henneman, she had back surgery.. Call Sherie Lewis at (360-692-6505) if you have any Sunshine news.

Historian Karen Belling needs outing pictures, rosters, etc. for the Club records.

Gary Blankenship
Publicity   360-373-6416

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