Date:  September  2011
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September 2011 Travel N Fun

Our sympathies to Lorraine and the family and friends of Bud Maves, past wagon master and friend.

It isn’t very often I get to report on two awesome outings in one column, but this month you get a two-fer – and both were fantastic.

The first was the 43rd Northwest Rally at Lacey July 20 to 24 hosted by 1181.  Attending were 62 rigs separated as far as Klamath Falls OR and Sequim WA – lots of prizes, games, cool trumpet music and a magician in a straight jacket.   Several members of Travel N Fun provided raffle items – Dan Harper - a birdhouse made from 100 year old barn wood; Al Sande - a Norwegian bird house with plants on the roof; Kathy Josephson - a lovely quilt; and Betty Arns - the 1181 gift basket with a rose theme.

Our members were winners.  Taking the above home were Nita Marcotte, Judy Gertsch, Sherie Lewis, and Margie Harper.  First in games were Henry Marcotte – cribbage, and Lorene Brannan – card bingo.

But saving the best for last – the thanks:  Gary and Sherie Lewis, co-chairs who did every thing asked of them and much, much more.  Chris Blankenship, treasurer and registration.  Dan and Margie Harper and the kitchen crew for lunches and breakfasts.  (Walking tacos rock.)  Darrell Schmittler and the beer garden gang.  Janice Watson and Cliff Lillybridge for pushing hat and 50/50 ticket sales.  Brenda Lott for being everywhere and doing everything 24/7.  Lorene and Stella Davis for hosting Travel N Fun’s mini-outing. 

Sorry, I can’t name everybody; I know I would forget some; so a big shout out to everyone who worked, donated, played, laughed and attended the 43rd rally.  All those who worked the book store, registration,  made coffee, decorated, cleaned and the endless myriad of other tasks that need to be done to make a rally successful  An extra high five to the folks at Land Yacht Harbor for being our hosts and our caterer, Bayview Catering of Olympia. 

See you next year June 21 to 24 for the 44th rally at the Hood River fairgrounds.

Then, two weeks later – August 4 to 7 – we traveled to Westport and American Sunset RV Resort, one of the friendliest parks we go to.  Hosted by the Watsons, Peggy Brooks and Lorene, 12 RVers and guest tenters enjoyed a mostly sunny weekend.  The hosts provided a breakfast, picnic and three wonderful cakes.  Highlights included a visit to the Westport Winery (Highly recommended!), marathon bocce ball, L/R/C, potluck dishes, our young guests, deer, and fire side chats.

A tip of the hat to our outing, winery and campground hosts, the fire builders and all who attended.

September 14 to 18, we travel to Midway in Centralia (north of the outlet stores).  Hosts will be the Arns, Lotts and Blankenships.  Planned are an Asian dinner, build-a-sandwich (with soup) and a scavenger hunt (partly by camera).  Asian dress/costumes are encouraged for dinner Saturday.

October 19 to 23 is the traditional campout at Rest-a-While in Hoodsport, hosted by the officers.  The hosts are planning milk can and prime rib dinners and a breakfast.  (The dinner will be $5 extra.)  The eighth annual push poker tournament will be held.  Expect oysters and shrimp on the Barbie (if available) Saturday afternoon.  The Port Townsend travel club will join us for the fun and games.

Monday, November 14, will be the Thanksgiving dinner at the Lodge.  Hosts will be Ed and Sandy Hall.  Friday, December 9, will be the Christmas dinner at the lodge.  Hosts will be Brenda Lott, Sherie Lewis and Stephanie Schmittler.

Next year’s schedule is almost complete.  Outings will include such cool places as Whidbey Island, Leavenworth, Prosser, Tokeland and Bremerton.  The full schedule will be printed in a future issue.  We will need hosts.

Guests are always welcome at our outings.  Guests or their hosts are expected to pay the $7.00 per guest to the outing hosts. (Checks should be made out to Travel-n-Fun.)  If your guests are just joining us for a potluck evening, no reimbursement is required.

A hearty thanks to Stella Davis and here helpers for patio set ticket sales.  The winner of the set was Sandy Read, Lodge 1181’s Leading Knight.  Funds from ticket sales go to support Lodge and RV park improvements and programs. 

Candidates for the 2012 board include all the current incumbents.    Elections are in September.  If you are interested in an office, call Sandy Hall at 360-830-3051.  .

Our next meeting returns to the Lodge on Monday, September 12 at 7 pm.  Come early to meet and greet.

Travel guides for all regions of the country – West, Central, Northeast and South – are available for purchase at the Lodge front desk.

Call Kathy Josephson at 360-692-8642 for dues payment or membership information.   Prospective members are always welcome as guests at outings or meetings.

SUNSHINE:  No sunshine was reported. Call Sherie Lewis at (360-692-6505) if you have any Sunshine news.

Historian Karen Belling needs outing pictures, rosters, etc for the Club records.

Gary Blankenship
Publicity  360-373-6416

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