Date:  February  2005
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February 13, 10 am, the Club meets at the Cloverleaf Tavern for our annual Valentine’s Brunch.  Please call Stephanie or Darrell Dunmire at 360-792-0472.  Cost is $10 per person and may be paid at the brunch.

The March outing will be the 17th to 20th at the home park.  We do not have hosts for this weekend.  If you wish to host, call Gary Blankenship at 373-6416.

April 14 – 17 we will be at American Sunset in Westport, the weekend of their crab races.  Hosts are the Schmittlers, Josephsons and Goulds, the folks that brought us Toppenish in 2004.  Do you suppose that they can bring us the same weather?

Other outings needing hosts are:  August 18 – 21, Hoquiam RV Park; September 15 – 18, Outback RV Park, Rochester; November 14, Thanksgiving dinner, Sons of Norway; December 9, Christmas dinner, 1181 Lodge.

Sunshine:  There is no Sunshine to report.  Call Judy Gertsch, 360-895-2304, to report.  (Gary B is her alternative, so also please give him a ring.)

Larry Watson keeps a web site for Travel N Fun. Pictures of the last Christmas dinner are at

There are pictures of other outings at the site, but Larry requests, “I have no photos for the 2004 September, October or November Outings.  If someone has photos for posting, bring them to the February meeting.”

Dues are due.

Dick and Stella Davis have volunteered to sell raffle tickets for the new swing set.  Darrell Schmittler is building the 2005 swing, scheduled to raffled at the BPOE 1181’s family picnic.

The only committee without a chair is historian.  From President Sherie Lewis, a special thanks to all the officers, committee chairs and hosts who served the Club during the past year.

Ken and Nancy Gould have donated a cooker to the Club.  We now have three.  (That’s a lot of spaghetti, soup, or biscuits and gravy.)  Thanks very much.  And thanks to the Lodge for the heat in the ladies’ rest room in the park.

Juanita Spong has been elected (if they have elections) Queen Mother for a Red Hat Society chapter for Travel N Fun members.  General meetings will normally be held at 6 pm, maybe 6:30, the same night of the Travel N Fun meeting.  Call Juanita at 360-895-8797 for details about the Society and their planned events.

During the last couple of years, three American flags and a Club flag (which flew for nearly five years) have been stolen from the shelter.  I’m puzzled as to why anyone would steal these banners, but lots of things puzzle me.  Regardless, Travel N Fun is going to install new flags.  We’ll keep’m flying, but would appreciate if they are left alone.

The next general meeting is Monday, February 14th, 7 pm, at the lodge.  We gather between 5 and 7 for conversation and popcorn.

Last month’s column should have ended, “Have a great year and may global warming continue in our little corner of the world.”  It didn’t, but even the bit of cold and snow we have is better than what our snowbirds may be enduring. 

If you have any questions, news or comments about this column, call 373-6416 or email

Gary Blankenship

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