Date:  April  2005
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Do you believe the weather?  Days so warm in Greater Kitsap we could be in the Southland.  And do we pity them for temperatures near 100?  On the other hand…

Grey skies and rain moved in just in time for the March outing at the Home Park.  1181’s campers enjoyed a weekend of fun and food with some partaking of Thursday’s spaghetti dinner and Friday’s seafood buffet.  Friday morning, Bill and Juanita Spong cooked breakfast for the campers; and Saturday, dinner was an hor’dorveres/salad/desert potluck. 

As the weather cooperated, the campers planned to play Frisbee golf and ladders.  Larry Watson helped campers with computer issues during the outing.  Thanks, Bill and Juanita for being our “hosts” for the weekend.

April 14-17, Travel N Fun campers look forward to a return to American Sunset at Westport for crab races and fun in the surf and sand.  The outing will be hosted by the Schmittlers, Josephsons and Goulds.  May 19-22, the outing is at the Puyallup Elks (power and water only), hosted by the Brooks, Sandes and Davis’s.  A casino night is planned.  June 16-19, Gary and Sherie Lewis host the outing at the Port Townsend Elks.  Preparations for the July Rally are planned.

We have registration packets for the Northwest Elks Rally at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds July 14-17.  Travel N Fun is on the schedule to serve strawberry shortcake at Thursday’s opening, run Friday’s holiboard competion, teach a pot painting craft session on Friday, and conduct 50/50 raffles Friday and Saturday.  Chris Blankenship has agreed to chair shortcake, and Stephanie Schmittler and Sherie Lewis are teaching pots.  We need chairs for the 50/50 raffle, holiboards and our book tables at the Country Store.

Lorene Brannan has the registration packages.  They will be provided at the April and May meetings and at outings.  Lorene and Merle Lewis return as our outing hosts for the Rally.

The Northwest Rally has the entire fairgrounds so there will be power and water for all campers.  Meals will be provided by The Picnic Company, who cooked for us at Elma in 2003; and Friday and Saturday’s dance band will be Beat-N-Feet, a two-piece group.  There will be golf, outdoor and indoor games, a scrapbooking craft session, additional entertainment, a car show and donuts in the morning.

There are a couple of changes in the 2006 schedule.  Instead of Sequim Elks in July, we will go to Outback at Rochester.  In September, instead of Leavenworth, we will camp at America Heritage in Olympia and enjoy their annual Bluegrass Festival.

We need hosts for the outings August 18-21 at Hoquiam RV Park and September 15-18 at Outback RV in Rochester. 

SUNSHINE:  There is none to report.  If you have any, call Judy Gertsch at 360-895-2304.

The Spongs are taking orders for sleeved sweatshirts (crimson) - $32 each and vests (cream or gray) for $34. 

Juanita and Larry Watson will update the roster in the next few months.  They will need address changes and correct phone and email addresses. 

Dues are Due.

The next general meeting is April 11 at the Lodge.  We usually arrive early for a bit of conversation, refreshment and popcorn. 

If you have any questions, news or comments, call 373-6416 or email

Gary Blankenship

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