Date:  August  2006
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TRAVEL N FUN 1181       

July’s Outing to Tokeland ,Wa was a lot of fun for everyone. There were lots of games, the weather was warm. Some rigs had an ocean view. Campfires, every evening, thanks to Dave Gertsch for bringing the firewood. The food was outstanding as always. Special thanks to the Brooks, and the Edwards, for being the Hosts for the outing, they did a great Job.

The Winner for the Swing Set was Larry Dodd, Congratulations!!!!. The Travel club sold 432 tickets. A Special thank you to Sam and Karen Bellings for all of their hard work. We are looking forward to next year. Darrell Schmittler has agreed to build another Swing Set. He does an outstanding job.

The next Outing will be August 24th -27th in Rochester Wa.
The Hosts will be the Schmitlers and the Bellings.  Should be a lot of fun, and the weather hopefully will be warm and nice.

The September Outing will be in Olympia at the American heritage Campground. September 7th 8th and 9th.
Hosted by  Dave & Judy Gertsch  and Gary & Chris Blankenship.
Blue Grass Festival.

The club is growing, We have 143 up to date members.

August Club Meeting. The Barbecue was a great success. Everyone enjoyed the chicken and Baked Salmon. Special Thanks to Norm Savage, Dan Harper, Gary and Sherri Lewis Darrell and Steph Schmitller, for preparing and helping make it a great Barbecue. The salads and desserts were very good also. We had an outstanding turnout.

Sunshine   A Get Well card was sent to Carl Butenbach. Carl had a stroke, a week ago, he is doing well and is upbeat. Our thoughts go out to him for a speedy recovery.

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