Date:  September  2005
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Late news from the 2005 Northwest Elks Rally:  If I’m correct, so far this year, we’ve batted 1,000.  That is it has rained at every outing March to July.  Saturday, the 16th at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds the heaviest during the Rally.  Other than that – 1181 had 20 rigs camping along a long stretch of lawn – power and water for everyone – with a little effort.  Merle Lewis and Lorene Brannan were our most excellent hosts.

We had winners:  In Golf, Verne Rott was closest to the pin for men.  Verne and Darrell Schmittler were members of the second place foursome.  Don Myer took 3rd in cribbage – a long tournament. 

Fifty-nine light toys were sold for Relay-for-Life during the rally.

Darlene Green found a book at the sale she had owned in 1951, signed with her maiden name and dated.

For most of the outing, we had an unexpected guest – a mouse Brady Lott named Pacer – was in the Lewis’s garbage can nibbling on napkins soaked in strawberry margaritas.  As far as I know, Gary and Sherie let it stay at the fairgrounds.

Thanks to Janice Watson, Sherie, Stephanie Schmittler and Lorene for their basket donations, to Merle and Gary and Chris Blankenship for their raffle donation and Chris for her drawing gift.

Special thanks are due to:  Wayne Bernhard for parking, Darrell and Sam Belling for lifting and toting; Dick and Stella Davis for missing dinner; Bea and Al Sande for the book tables (They sold hundreds with none coming home; the remainder given to a charity.); Bill and Juanita Spong for the flag table; Chris and crew for serving strawberry shortcake – and last but far from least – to all the campers from Travel N Fun who pitched in whenever anything needed done no matter what. 

You can’t camp with a better crew, anywhere!

7 Travel N Fun rigs camped for the Family Picnic and dozens more joined them including Jerry and Eilene Drumm at the Lodge’s day of fun, food and games. Birthdays for Ed Lively, Frank Seevers and Larry Watson were celebrated, and the swing set winner was our own Ken and Nancy Gould.  Thanks to the Spong’s for hosting this non-outing outing.

At Monday’s pot-luck meeting, 20 year pins were awarded to Beth and Ernie Gertsch, John and Mary Grevstad, Wayne and Vivian Bernhard, Bernice Johnson and Wilma Oas.

August 19-21 the club camped at the Hoquiam RV Park, hosted by the Meyers and Lillybridges.
We’ll let you know who the big winner in Bingo was next month. 

The September outing is the 15th to 18th at the OutBack Park, Rochester.  Joyce Cordova, Al Packard and Vern and Loretta Rott are hosting.  October13 to 15, the campers return to Rest-a-while for the annual Officer’s Outing (and marathon jigsaw puzzles?) 

SUNSHINE:  Our prayers and good wishes are with Nancy Gould during this difficult time.  If you have Sunshine, call Judy Gertsch at 360-895-2304.

Our nominating committee Gary Lewis and Dick Davis have 2006 officer nominees for all positions except Wagonmaster.  Please let them know if you can help with this important position. Past President Sherie Lewis is a trustee by by-law.


Frank and Bonnie Seevers have sold their selling their motor home and are sporting a new lightweight trailer.

Bill and Darlene Green need help with the September Hamburgers on the Patio support.  Volunteers are needed for September 3rd, 10th and 24th, -- give them a call at 360-377-5021

If you have any questions, news or comments, call 373-6416 or email

Gary Blankenship
and Larry Watson

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